GEO delivers Strategic Services
for an era of Warp Speed Change

New circumstances require new approaches. That’s what GEO delivers.
Innovative ways to help you reach your summits of success.
Mindsets matter

Your Leadership
Success Mindsets

Your success begins with the right leadership mindsets.


Mindsets are the guidance software between your ears. They determine WHERE you focus your attention and HOW you interpret information, make decisions, and execute strategies.

Why We Are Effective

Our Success Solutions

GEO solutions include how to:
Work in New Ways, Build Better Plans, Meet Aggressive Goals,
Accelerate Decisions, Engage People Virtually, and Grow Profitability.


Work in New Ways

“This process has changed the way I work… my attitude, my perspective, and my behaviors.”

– Mike Roberts, Former President,
McDonald’s Corporation


Build Better Plans

“In my 21 years in HP and Agilent, this the best business plan I’ve ever seen rolled out across the organization.”

– Glenn May, Former SPG Corporate Account Manager, Agilent Technologies


Meet Aggressive Goals

“I am truly amazed by how much we accomplished in how little time. We met some very aggressive goals.”

– Hardy Wentz, CEO,
Structurlam Mass Timber Corporation


Accelerate Decisions

“The online sessions accelerated our critical R&D decisions and significantly reduced our time to market.”

– Barney Saunders, VP, Bio-Research Solutions,
Agilent Technologies


Engage People Virtually

“The WebCouncil™ System was a fast, efficient way to virtually engage more stakeholders in critical conversations.”

– Phil Leupold, Regional General Manager, Weyerhaeuser Corporation


Grow Profitability

“The GEO System helped us transform a near extinct business into a highly profitable sale in 36 months!”

– Cliff Tompkins, Founder,
Prepaid Concepts Corporation


Trusted By Great Organizations

What Clients Say

GEO has delivered exceptional results for a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 firms to mid-market businesses, NGOs, Non-Profits, and National Associations.

Here is a sample of what client leaders have said about GEO.


“During a severe industry-wide downturn, our sales organization’s Bookings and Purchases turned around. We met or exceeded all quotas.”

— Frank Robertazzi
VP Agilent Technology Worldwide Sales


“In 6 months from the start of the engagement , our Division’s comp sales moved from a negative to a positive sales growth of $60 million. During the same time other divisions saw zero or negative sales growth.”

— Ted Nagengast
Project Leader, McDonald’s Western Division

World Pulse

“GEO has had an incredible impact at World Pulse. We have increased our capacity to accelerate impact for women everywhere.”

— Jensine Larsen
CEO, World Pulse


“I am truly amazed by how much we accomplished in how little time. We planned and met some very aggressive goals very quickly.”

— Hardy Wentz
CEO, Structurlam Mass Timber Corporation

International Leadership Association

“GEO facilitated our board retreat, coached us on execution, and pushed us to achieve more than we thought possible.”

— Shelly Wilsey
Director, International Leadership Association


“GEO’s virtual strategy planning system delivered outstanding ROI results. Within a year, profits were up 58%, Return on assets was up 60%, Headcount was down 10%.”

— Ed Jones
CFO, Weyerhaeuser Industrial Planning


Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some of the questions our prospective clients have asked.
If you have other questions, use our Get Started Now form and we will promptly respond.

Q1. What Strategic Services does GEO deliver?

We deliver custom-fit solutions to solve our client’s specific problems.

Here a few examples:


  • Planning is bogging down due to decision delays.
  • Resources are not focused on achieving relevant results.
  • Individual and team plans are not linked to the strategy.


  • There is a lack of engagement and accountability.
  • People are not aligned. Some are working at cross-purposes.
  • Top leaders are failing to ‘walk the talk’ of the strategy.


  • The organization’s strategic direction is unclear.
  • The organization is losing ground to competitors.

Strategic situation changed: strategy needs updating

Q2. What sets GEO apart from its competitors?

Our #1 differentiator is the WebCouncil™ Collaboration System!

WebCouncil™ is a suite of customizable, easy to use collaboration tools housed in a secure cloud server.

WebCouncil™ is HOW we amplify the Collective IQ of the whole organization to make better decisions, build solution buy-in, and achieve fast, aligned execution. It’s a practical, proven platform for engaging and aligning stakeholders.

WebCouncil™ turbocharges virtual collaboration in three ways:

  • Fast-cycle Meetings– With WebCouncil™ collaboration tools you accomplish more in a one-hour online session than you typically would in a two-hour face-to-face meeting.
  • Accelerated Decisions– With WebCouncil™ high-velocity processes, you increase the frequency and flexibility of idea sharing, as well as the speed of decisions.
  • Increased Productivity– Because WebCouncil™ online sessions are designed and facilitated by GEO, you can focus sharply on thinking together to solve problems.

Our WebCouncil™ has five underlying benefits:

  • Equalizing Participation– Everyone can ‘say their piece’ simultaneously using online tools.
  • Focusing Conversations– Interactive agenda and GEO facilitator ensure people stay on point.
  • Achieving Consensus– Viewpoints tend to naturally converge as decisions are deliberated.
  • Committing to Execution– When a group participates in decisions, they support the execution.

Making Meetings Matter – With a disciplined process, you spend less time and get better outcomes

Q3. How does GEO approach Strategic Thinking?

In most organizations, only a few leaders participate in strategic thinking meetings. What happens in these meetings is rarely communicated to others effectively. So, without sufficient detail and nuances, it’s hard for those who did not participate to fully understand and execute the decisions made effectively.

However, when a critical mass is included in planning meetings, they not only understand the nuances of the plan, but they also develop a sense of ownership. The result is that they execute faster, make smarter adjustments, and strive to maintain momentum.

With WebCouncil™, we can easily to expand the circle of strategic thinkers, regardless of their geographic locations. Having a diverse, critical mass of participants increases the quality of strategic thinking and energizes engagement for follow-through action

Q4. How does GEO approach Action Planning?

In our work with a wide range of organizations, we always hear concerns about resources—not enough funding or people or time to effectively execute their strategies.

GEO has an antidote: Plan for maximum Impact by focusing your available resources sharply on Leverage Points.

A Leverage Point is where you can have the greatest impact with the least effort. Think about what happens in bowling when you hit the #1 pin in just the right way. Presto, all the remaining pins go down.

For every strategy, there are multiple Leverage Points — key customers, key suppliers, key employees, and key processes like innovation, marketing, and decision-making.

Q5. Can GEO help us accelerate our execution?

We specialize in accelerating execution with principles from our highly-acclaimed book, Winning In FastTime™.

With sufficient speed, you’re more likely to succeed for many reasons:

  • External competitors are outpaced
  • Internal opposition is pre-empted
  • Key assumptions don’t become obsolete
  • Fewer unanticipated events and unintended consequences occur
  • Shortfalls surface faster and can be corrected faster
  • Fast wins create a positive psychology
  • Desired results and benefits are accelerated

Here is one example of how to accelerate execution: Parallel Execution™ — orchestrating many aligned actions aimed at the Leverage Points you identified during your Action Planning.

Your probability of execution success is directly proportional to the:

  • Numberof the Leverage Points targeted
  • Precisionof the actions against the Leverage Points
  • Simultaneityof the actions (so impacts occur at about the same time)

There is a second important benefit with Parallel Execution™. Because there are many simultaneous actions, you have multiple ways to achieve your desired outcomes. Single-point failures are not showstoppers.

Q6. Can GEO help us develop our leaders?

Developing Adaptive Leaders is core GEO service. When you are an Adaptive Leader, change is expected, and responses are collaborative. Acquiring new knowledge and developing new skills and ways of doing business are routine.

GEO develops Adaptive Leaders using three formats:

Microlearning – Our GEO Knowledge Bytes™ deliver easy-to-digest best practices and proven techniques in bite-sized chunks. This approach increases attention and retention. Microlearning units are a part of our wider knowledge base, which is organized around three mindsets: Think Together, Focus Sharply, Move Quickly.

Action Learning – This involves a small group analyzing and acting on real problems in real time. This approach causes participants to think critically and work collaboratively. Participants expand their capacity perform with excellence by reflecting on what they are learning and applying it to current challenges.

Senior Advisor – GEO provides roadmaps for building an Adaptive Culture that can rapidly adjust to external change while ensuring exceptional performance. Our typical clients are the CEO, senior leaders, and emerging high-potential managers. As an additional service, we design and deliver best-of-the-best Adaptive Leadership practices to embed in your organization.